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Lead Nurturing and Demand Generation Best Practices

Steve Wood, CTO of Eloqua, a leading demand generation solution, discusses how to understand and guide your prospect’s online buying process. – Tracking a customer’s digital body language – Determine which leads get priority and referred to sales – Web statistics versus behavior profiling – Lead scoring to understand purchasing intention – Buying phases: Awareness, [...]

Silicon Valley Company Discusses Marketing Best Practices

Lisa Gorrebeck-Hatheway, Director of Marketing for LiveOps, discusses what is working to drive sales at her company. – Email saturation causing a return to direct mail using targeted groups – Marketing 2.0: customer wants information immediately – Engaging web traffic via instant web chat – Knowing industry keywords for paid search – Understanding the value [...]

Organic Search Engine Optimization More Effective Than Paid Search

In this episode Lauren Vaccarello of, discusses best practices for organic search engine optimization (SEO). – Organic search takes time versus money - Because of time lag, more difficult to track ROI on organic search - Competitive industries require more resources for organic SEO - Best practices for building backlinks (inbound links) - The value of creating great [...]

Upgrading Today 12/28/09

On this holiday break I’m updating my podcast, New Media Currents, from static landing page to WordPress 2.8.6 and PowerPress.  Today I’m reposting old episodes and there are three new episodes that I’ll add last. All podcasts are still available in iTunes.  Query “New Media Currents.”

Salesgenie President Discusses Social Media

In this coverage of Oracle Open World we seek to discover what is working and what is not in social media for the enterprise. The ability of social media to establish roots in modern organizations is dependent in part on perceptions. In this podcast we interview Thomas McSweeney, President of Salesgenie and discuss perceptions and [...]

Wikis and Social Media

We’ve all heard of Wikipedia, but have you considered that corporations can create internal and external wikis to further corporate knowledge and gain competitive advantage?  John talks to Ross Mayfield, CEO of Social Text at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco.

Media Trends

Explore media trends that repeat themselves over time so that you can understand past cycles and predict future outcomes.  Special guests are Dr. Christopher Sterling, Professor of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University and Dr. Miriam Smith, Associate professor of media management and law San Francisco State University. • Definition of media [...]