Lead Nurturing and Demand Generation Best Practices

Steve Wood, CTO of Eloqua, a leading demand generation solution, discusses how to understand and guide your prospect’s online buying process.

- Tracking a customer’s digital body language
- Determine which leads get priority and referred to sales
- Web statistics versus behavior profiling
- Lead scoring to understand purchasing intention
- Buying phases: Awareness, vendor discovery, solution validation
- Paid versus natural search
- Benefits of developing a publisher mindset, joining the conversation
- Lead nurturing to maintain contact with your prospects
- Profiling your prospects based on level of engagement
- Creating emotional connections by being fun and entertaining

This podcast was recorded at Dreamforce (Salesforce.com’s user meeting) on November 20, 2009 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

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  3. [...] David talks about the old ways in which selling has taken place through television commercials and sales reps calling in and beating up their buyers until they get meetings.  The new model entails creating lots of little pieces of content that are found through search engines, with different pieces of content for each step of the sales cycle.  In addition, sending such useful content to prospects on a regular basis and thereby educating them through the sales process is called “lead nurturing.”   On New Media Currents, I talk to the CTO of Eloqua about lead nurturing best practices. [...]